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Holidays! Family fun!!!

School holidays are just around the corner... so we've created a couple of AWESOME activity programmes for the whole family to enjoy.

We will be facilitating games, garden & art activities like making bean tipis, planting a garden in a bucket, making rock art and mini scarecrows. We'll also learn about beneficial bugs on a worm & bug hunt around the gardens - awesome fun for parents as well as kids.

These 2 hour workshop sessions will have you engaged and giggling while giving you some much wanted discovery time together. You'll all gain an idea or two about how much fun gardens can be plus you'll enjoy some genuinely unplugged time-out in nature - always good for the soul.

Tickets cost just $21* for a family pass with everything you need provided. So join in and spread the word. The more the merrier.

*$20 for the ticket and $1 in transaction fees that (not for lack of trying) we truly can't avoid.

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The Waitaki Community Gardens

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