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The Waitaki Community Gardens was formed to meet the needs of our community. Back in 2008 - we envisaged a community hub where people could come to play in nature, learn to grow their own food and enhance their wellbeing.

Fast forward 10 years and it's incredible to see how far we've come. 

Global organisations like OECD and UN are refocusing on wellbeing. Major institutions are recognising the benefits of education in nature. Researchers are rediscovering  the benefits of plant-based eating.

Our work is not done. We don't yet have equal opportunities or equal understanding of wellbeing - how we get it and how we maintain it. So we're doubling down our efforts to make Waitaki the wellbeing capital of New Zealand.


Check out what we're doing and join us in taking it next level.

Love Waitaki - Our Community - Our Reason for Being

We've established a vital Kids Growing programme in schools that has recently morphed with The Electric Garden project - using veggie gardening to teach the new digital technologies curriculum in schools.

We're growing - food forest, veggie boxes, seedlings, herbal tea, food bank gardens, harbour heritage gardens and volunteer food plots - all turning out delicious, spray-free, food that helps sustain our community with edibles and knowledge.

We've embraced the Community Nursery and the Sustainable Skills Summer School projects handed to us by the Natural Heritage Society (and we're working on making them even better for us all).

We're delivering a host of DIY workshops where our people can learn new skills increasing their health and resilience.

We continue to partner with innovators and like-minded community groups to achieve more, more efficiently and ensure that everyone in Waitaki has a share in the spoils.

Browse through our projects and if you're inspired - get in touch. 




The Waitaki Community Gardens

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